Repair Disclaimer

By bringing my item for repair I understand and agree that:

  • I bring items for repair at my own risk.

  • All repairs are carried out by unpaid volunteers, and are free of charge. Neither the Repair Cafe organisers, nor the volunteer repairers can be held responsible if the item cannot be repaired, any repair is temporary, or if the item is damaged in the course of the attempted repair.

  • Repairers may decide not to repair an item for safety or other reasons. Sometimes a professional repair service is required. If we can, we will suggest a local provider.

  • Repairers may take an item apart and not reassemble it.

  • This may be the case if, for example, an item is dangerous or considered by the repairer to be broken beyond repair.

  • If batteries, leads, fuses, or other consumables are needed for a repair, I will have to provide them.

  • If the Repair Cafe has the necessary parts, consumables or components in stock, they may be purchased from the Repair Cafe.

  • I must stay with the Repairer while the work is being carried out.

  • If you can work with the Repairer and pick up new skills, that would be even better.

  • I must take my item away with me when I leave.

  • The repair cafe is unable to collect or dispose of broken items.

  • If I have more than one item, the additional item(s) will only be looked at if the Repairers have time.

  • You will rejoin the back of the queue for each new item.

  • If I have children with me, I am responsible for their behaviour and safety.

  • The Repair Cafe will try to provide a safe area, but cannot supervise children.

  • Photographs and/or videos may be recorded at the Repair Cafe. These may be used for publicity purposes. If I do not wish my image to be used in this way, I will inform the Repair Cafe Organisers.

17th March 2023 - Totally Leighton Buzzard